Sunday, May 27, 2012

How To Play Cityville

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Zynga's latest Facebook game, CityVille, is growing in users rapidly; indeed, it is thought that it might soon overtake the number of monthly users of FarmVille. In this game, players have to create and maintain a city where they'll be in charge of opening shops, houses, community buildings, farming crops, and financial work in the hope of becoming the Mayor. Read on for a step-by-step guide to get started on CityVille.

The concept of the game is quite similar to Farmville. You play and become the caretaker of a city and make it the coolest and biggest city on Facebook! This management game is a balance of population, business establishments, crop supplies, and community buildings. If you are a beginner to this game I will help shed some light on some important basic concepts of CityVille. If you are already playing this game on the other hand, I have written this as informative as possible to help you learn some more. Afterall, you can always learn more!

If you have friends who play the game then you can give them a franchise outlet which they can put in their city which will give you money, as well as them.  I think this is a fantastic way to enjoy the game together, as well as to make money together and help each other's city grow.  This is just one way to make money on autopilot.

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